Quilting Traditions

Custom Computerized Machine Quilting to Enhance the Beauty of Your Quilt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not sure what quilting designs to select. Can you just pick the designs for me?
A: Definitely! We are good at visualizing how the designs will look on the quilt. After we receive your quilt and deposit (calculated based on the size and the amount of quilting you prefer (light, medium, or heavy)), we will study the quilt design and fabrics to determine what quilting we think will enhance your quilt the most. We'll then email or call you with our quilting ideas, and the approximate cost for the work. We will start work after getting your approval. The completed quilt will be returned using the method you request upon full payment.

Q: How soon can you start working on my quilt?
A: We work on quilts in the order received. This requires complete instructions and receipt of the 50% deposit. Incomplete work orders will lose their place in line until any missing items or decisions have been resolved. Thus, the more complete your request is, the quicker we can get started.

Q: Do you offer quilt making services as well as quilting services?                 A: We can provide any and all phases of the quilt making experience for you. Most services are performed on an hourly basis, but we can quote a complete package price if preferred.